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Reverser!, no scratch that, Deceptive Platformer again

Update (10/8/2010): Deceptive Platformer: BABYCASTLES EDITION is the build that we had on display for Babycastles at Chashama. It takes the newer music system, but retains the old sequence of 4 stages. We know you love that last jump at the end–it’s back! Also, we had tried to make a less obvious name than Deceptive Platformer, but Reverser never seemed to stick.

Here is the game I’ve been working on polishing for the last couple of weeks.  Reverser Deceptive Platformer started as a Global Game Jam game, winning Best Overall Game at the NYU Jam Site. You can check out our GGJ Profile, play the old version, or click the link below this screenshot to play the latest version. If you play the work in progress, be sure to see what happens if you keep falling off the platforms during the first couple of levels. If you manage to get to the advanced levels, I’m afraid the “finale” music will loop continuously, as these levels were added to the build after the music states had been written.

Click Here To Play Work-In-Progress Version of Reverser

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