Below is a short history of my employment experience. If you would like to see some game and film projects I’ve worked on, check out my Projects page. If you’d like a copy of my formal PDF resume, you can reach me through any of the channels listed on the Contact page.

Current Employment

Eppy Games

At Eppy Games we’re dreaming big, taking on tough challenges head on, and writing ambiguous job descriptions. As a Programmer/Sound Guy/Game Chef, I split the engineering responsibilities with David Epstein (Eppy Games founder). One thing I specifically handle is the audio tech, whether that’s implementing a fun adaptive music system, designing sound effects, writing music, or working with composers and sound designers.

Side Projects

NYU Game Audio and Music Association

Fall 2009 I started talking with Professor Sam Howard-Spink and another student, Blair Gerold, about starting a student club at NYU dedicated to examining the multi-faceted field of game audio. Professor Howard-Spink and Blair are very interested in the future of licensing and distribution and radically changing the way the music industry interacts with consumers. I’m very interested in game scoring, and implementing dynamic music systems. So, we took our combined knowledge and started seeking out students at NYU interested in game audio and called it NGAMA. NGAMA meets at noon every Friday, with the agenda of the meeting catered to the makeup of the current students. Right now we have a lot of composers and sound designers, so we’re talking about composition techniques and implementation tools. And hearing talks from awesome people like Stephen Harwood.

Global Game Jam 2011

Again in 2011 I participated in Global Game Jam at NYU’s jam site. Out of it came World of Spacecraft: EXTINCTION. I used much of what I learned from last year’s jam and worked with Burak Karakas to create and implement as much awesome audio content as possible. We were invited to Babycastles’ “Home Sweet Babycastles” event to show off World of Spacecraft.

Global Game Jam 2010

In January 2010 I participated in the Global Game Jam at NYU’s jam site. Our game, Deceptive Platformer, won Best Overall Game at the jam site and was featured at the opening exhibit of Babycastles at Chashama and got a mention NYTimes.com. You can play it and read about the dynamic music system I implemented post-jam in the Projects section here.

Nocturnal Minds

After the Global Game Jam I started working on game project with Nocturnal Minds, a group based in NYC that focuses on working on small game projects so that people can learn game development skills, whether it’s learning to work better in a team or learning a new technology.

Past Employment

Play Eternal

Starting in April 2011, I began working with the guys at Play Eternal on a demo project called Sentient. Sentient is an unpublished XBLA/PSN title  where you control Codec, the first robot to be built with self-awareness and autonomy. With Play Eternal, I implemented the FMOD Designer API for the Vision Engine, and then using the level editor tools I’d built, implemented the game’s audio in FMOD Designer. You can read more about it and see a video on the Projects page.


In summer 2011, I was proud to be selected as a 2011 Summer HackNY Fellow. HackNY is an organization that aims to federate the next generation of hackers for the New York innovation community. Part of how they accomplish this goal is by selecting a group of students each year for their fellowship program to be paired with a NYC-based startup. I was fortunate to be paired with the awesome people at GroupMe. While there, I bore witness to epic squirrel custody battles (http://isthepivotalsquirrelatgroupme.com/), and built the “Preview” version of the Windows Phone 7 version of their group messaging application with a three-man team (reference).

Curious Pictures

In Spring 2011 I was an audio intern at Curious Pictures working on Deepak Chopra’s Leela, a meditative game for Xbox 360 with Kinect and he Wii. While at Curious, I worked with Joe Parisi, the Audio Director at N-Fusion Interactive, and Dan Perlin as an assistant, doing some asset editing and implementation tasks with Wwise. I also built a small .NET tool that would take a CSV file of written dialogue and generate placeholder WAVs using the Microsoft Speech SDK.

Blastwave FX

BlastwaveFX is a company that develops next-gen, high definition sound effects libraries. In spring 2010 I worked as an intern in their New York City office where I packaged sound library products and worked with NetMix Pro to sort through the metadata of thousands of sounds and organize subsets with which to make demos. Later that year I did contract work preparing demos and packaging more products.

General Dynamics

During the summer of 2009 I was a Software Engineering Intern at the Scottsdale campus of General Dynamics. While working there, I helped design and code the client interface of a small R&D project whose aim was to create a VoIP communications bridge between two different vocoders. I returned for the summer of 2010 to write a utility for programming flash PROMs through a crypto-processor with a serial port interface. The tool had to be reusable for future architectures, so I designed an XML schema that allowed future engineers to describe structured messages and transaction sequences that could then be read by my tool.