Audio Reel

Here’s a list of clips from film and game projects I’ve worked on. Below the SoundCloud player you’ll find descriptions and download links for each track.

Michael Bartnett · Demo Reel

In the Year 1995, Giant Russian Robots Roamed the Earth

  • A fun, lumbering, heavy metal song I made for a final project in my recording class. My brother, Ryan, played all the guitar parts like a champ. The riffs were thought of while in a state of infatuation with Frank Klepacki.

Fanfare for a New Generation

  • A soaring fanfare to inspire the exploration of new frontiers and fill the listener with a sense of triumph. Or at least like you’re watching the little animated studio logo at the start of a movie.

Rainy Road Trips

  • A little piano piece to remind you of your childhood.

Danger Dude

  • A theme for the ultimate spy, Danger Dude.

“Rebel” Theme

  • This is a proof-of-concept demo track for a game in which the music will emanate from an in-game object such as a radio, like in Bioshock, then as the drama of the scenario the player is in unfolds, the music will emerge out of the radio to fill the background music space. This is the piano melody that will weave in and out of game scenarios in which there are sometimes tragic consequences for decisions the player must make throughout the game.


  • This demo track is set to a futuristic, over-the-top, action-packed racing game.

Reverser Gameplay

  • Reverser is a game that took away the Best Overall Game honor at the Global Game Jam 2010 New York University jam site. Rather than featuring  enemies, the game challenges the player by flip-flopping the control scheme depending on the types of blocks the player lands on. No direction is given to the player as to how the blocks affect their movement, but rather the player is introduced to the types of blocks gradually so that they may infer the game’s underlying rules gradually over the first few levels. As the player progresses through each level the music changes. But, if they are prone to falling off edges, the game will fade out and swap stems. This is serves to relieve (or for some, heighten) the tension of the game’s challenge.

RUSH Theme

  • This track was written as a main theme for a game, called RUSH, that was inspired by the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

David Burke – You Gotta Enjoy it Too

  • This track consists of a few cues combined from a documentary I worked on with the wonderful filmmaker, Ema Ryan, for the web site This is the “moment of calm” scene, where the chef reveals a little of his personal philosophy, followed by the outro.